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Old Gray House Rocks and Minerals

Old Gray House Rocks and Minerals

The Old Gray House is pleased to offer you a wide variety of mineral specimens provided by Ken Gliesman.  Ken has been a regular visitor to the Old Gray House since we began in 1992.

Each time he has visited with us we have shared information about rocks and shells.  Rocks have always had a fascination for we who grew up on Hatteras Island.  You might want to take time to read my Rock Stories.

As a result of our mutual love for shells and rocks we have joined forces to add to your enjoyment when you visit the Old Gray House by having Specimen Rocks for you to view.  It is interesting to note that the materials Ken provides us are 95% natural rocks and mineral specimens.  Approximately 50% of these items he has personally collected.   Ken has collected extensively throughout the nation, climbed mountains, and dug in quarries to bring you these wonders of nature. He prides himself on his self-collected minerals and specimen grade materials.

Ken Gliesman

Ken Gliesman Collecting Rocks

Kenís passion for rocks led him to establish a retail outlet in 1991 called Mineral Connection. He participates in a variety of mineral shows,

The Gilsum Rock Swap and Mineral show

The Western Mass. Mineral, Jewelry & Fossil Show

The Mid-Hudson Valley Gem and Societyís Show

The Albany Museum

The Worcester Mineral Club Shows

Ken now will be offering on-line sales of his products.    The Old Gray House does not ship so if you are not a visitor to the Old Gray House and you would like information or to purchase any of the rocks you see on our site contact Ken Gliesman at his email address.

Click Here to View our Rocks and Minerals. Should we not have them on hand when you visit the Old Gray House we will contact Ken Gliesman for you.

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