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Why Are Our Prices So Low?

One of the comments we hear over and over from our guests who visit the Old Gray House is, Your prices are low. Yes, they are low and we know it. They are low for various reasons which, after seventeen years of being in business I will attempt to explain.

The Old Gray House is different from most business located on the Outer Banks.

It did not come into being as a commercial adventure. It was borne out of a desire of two people who wanted to spend their retirement years in just doing things for fun. Mary and I worked at our jobs the greater portion of our lives and we longed for the day when we could be like kids again and play. When we could get up in the mornings and just do the things we wanted to do. The Old Gray House is in actuality our playhouse. The joy of our playhouse has been extending our fun to other crafters and the many guests who visit us every year.

Our major problem in recent years has been that everyone who visits the Old Gray House has joined in with our fun and year after year they come back and bring more and more of their family and friends to play with us. We have tried not to allow the growth of our little business adventure to change our concept of having fun rather than getting caught up in the moneymaking business. It is not easy for any business to keep prices low these days with the increase cost of just the normal things that are required to maintain a business such as: taxes, insurance, utilities, credit card cost, mortgages, repairs, employees, and etc.

In order to keep our cost down so that we can pass on low prices to you there are many things we do and you do to help. I will try to list some of them.

You are willing to accept re-cycled packaging. You even bring us bags and boxes so that we do not have to buy them and charge you for packaging.

You do not steal from us so we do not have to add an additional cost to cover losses. In fact you discourage others from stealing. We appreciate the fact our guests are honest, upright people.

You tell other people about us therefore we do not have to advertise. What you have done in this area has been amazing. Here we are located off the beaten path on a side road and more and more people keep coming to visit with us. This is a result of your efforts.

You are patient at the check out counter when we are busy and never complain because of our lack of employees. Thank you.

There are some things we try to do to keep costs down, especially on the commercial items we purchase.

We have no extra employees. It is only Mary and myself. We do all of our pricing and displaying of products ourselves. We admit at times it gets hectic, and we ask ourselves, why are we doing this? The answer always comes back, donít you know you are having fun. If we had additional employees we would definitely have to increase our prices. We have no intentions of going that route. It is not our intent to become a big business, so we will struggle along and hope you will continue to be patient with us. Other businesses I have talked with all indicate they wish they had our growth problems.

Our crafters keep their prices as low as possible so we can pass on their quality crafts to you at the lowest possible price.

We try our best when purchasing commercial products to keep the prices as low as possible and avoiding high shipping charges.

With the help of our friends we have been able to keep our repair costs to a minimum, which has been a great help.

Yes, it is true. Our prices are low. If all goes well with your help, even in this age of the escalating cost of operating a business we hope to maintain the lowest prices on the Outer Banks

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