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Shell Shack#2: Front Door Shell Shack

This old shack has a lot of stories to tell. Many Islanders came in and out this door. This front door led to the sitting room. You will notice the steps in the shack where two windows put together. We removed the door which you will find on the garden path. The old door was salvaged from a cargo ship that ran aground. Kendrick Gray swam out and got it. The door you enter to the shop was not used to enter the house. It originally was a bedroom. The other door was the one most frequently used. It was the door to the kitchen which was destroyed during a storm. That was my favorite door. When you opened it the first thing that caught your attention was the smell of something good cooking on grandmother Grayís wood burner.

When you look around this shack you are going to see many different types of shells from all around the world. There is also a section of items that you can use for crafting.

Take time to look around and donít hesitate to ask any questions you might have about anything you see. It is always our pleasure to take time to talk with you.

If you like take the time to go inside the Specimen Shack and look around. Click here to see Shell Shack #3

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