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Dewey’s Domain

Dewey Parr

Dewey holding driftwood

Dewey Parr

Hi! I thank you for taking the time to drop by. In this section of our website I will endeavor to share with you some of the things that I love and do to bring me that inner feeling of happiness. I have learned over the years that true happiness is not measured by the number of material things I possesses. Happiness to me is that inner feeling I receive when I am busy doing certain things. No two people experience the feeling of happiness in the same way. It is my sincere wish as you view some of the things I do that it will get you to thinking about your happy moments. Hopefully you will take time to share with me the things that you enjoy doing. Message Me on my Facebook Page.

I Love the Beach

There is something about the Hatteras Beach and the ocean that captivates my imagination and satisfies the longings of my soul. I am not sure exactly what it is? When I am there it is as if I have entered another realm that is free from problems. It could be that it reminds me of those care free days when I grew up on the Island. Ah! Those were the days.

Dewey Parr

Dewey and His dog Queenie in 1937 front of his Buxton family home

I love People …

My love for people dates to my Island heritage. Growing up in a small community with few of the modern day convivences such as: electricity, indoor plumbing, centralized heating, telephones, paved roads etc. leaves a lasting impression on your life. When these things do not exist, people become center stage. The lack of modern day convivences is one of the best motivators or teachers of learning the art of communication with one another. Hatteras Island children learned at an early age that every person they met was a source of information and had something worthwhile to offer. They understood the meaning of the cowboy philosopher Will Rogers statement, “I never met a man I did not like”. My Happiest Moments Where the Many Conversations I shared with people who visited our 25 years’ retirement hobby. I will no longer be in a central location to visit with people but wherever I am on the Island it would be my pleasure to chat with you.

Dewey Sitting in yard

Dewey Sitting in yard
Dewey Parr in the Yard Waiting to Greet People

Dewey Parr in the Yard Waiting to Greet People

I Love Collecting Shells

I Love Creating Shell Holders

I Love Plants and Flowers

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