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Shell Shack #1 Located in Front
Welcome to the Chicken House Shell Shack.

When you enter this shack picture if you will hens sitting on their nests with the old rooster parading around high and mighty letting all the girls know he rules the roost. In the early history of the Island everyone raised chickens and had a place for them to roost at night. The chicken pen was usually close to the house to protect them from roaming animals. That is the way it was at my house just down the road a bit. It might interest you to know the windows in this shack are ones that were discarded from the Little Kennakeet Life Saving Station.

In this shack you will find a large assortment of shells. We have small shells and cut shells that are adaptable for crafting and producing jewelry. You will also find an abundance of medium size shells as well bags of shells. Our Bags of shells are graded by size.

You will have the opportunity to be introduced to air plants and driftwood art. You will also see a variety of items hanging from the ceiling such as glass floats and wind chimes.

The best way to introduce you to the wonders of the Chicken House Shack is to let you feast your eyes on these pictures of its contents.

After viewing this shack if you will click the link below you will be able to view the content of Shell Shack #2, or what we call the front door shack. Click on Shell Shack #2

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