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Trochidae Family

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Trochidae Family
  Trochidae Family


Trochidae Family

Trochidae Family

Trochidae Family Trochidae Family

Two Views of a Wavy Trochus Shell
A Wavy Trochus Is a Must For Your Collection

The Trochidae Family, commonly known as Top Shells, is a large group of shells found throughout the Indo-Pacific region. It is composed of many different shapes and subclasses. The most recognizable one is a flat base with a pyramid or turban appearance similar to the turbindae family of shells. Probably the most recognizable shape is one that reminds you of a spinning top. The animals inside the shell feed by scraping algae from rocks. They possess a round trap door (operculum) that is flattened and in no way resembles the rock hard trap door of the catís eye shell or other turban shells. The lip and interior of the shell is iridescent and when the outer covering is removed it makes a beautiful display shell. Crafters remove the outer layer of the shell and carve patterns into the shell. The shell is sometimes referred to as the button shell because it is used to produce mother of pearl buttons, beads ,and forms of jewelry. Because it has a very thick layer of mother-of-pearl it has been over fished to such a degree it is no longer found in abundance. The shell is sought after by the salt water aquarium industry because of the animals outstanding ability to keep the aquariums glass free from algae.

One member of the Trochidae family shell lovers enjoy showing off is the large Wavy Trochus. When the outer covering is removed from the shell it is a very attractive shell to display in homes and offices.

Trochidae Family

Trochus Niloticus Pearlized
Larger image

Green Trocha
Larger image

Tiny Trocha dyed .25" under
Larger image

Green Trocha side cut "
Larger image

Pearlized trocha side cut
Larger image

Pearlized Trocha side cut
Larger image

Pink cut trocha with holes
Larger image


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