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  1. Early Morning Island Smells

In this section you will find a collection of my Facebook posts, postscripts, and comments by others. There will also be links to other bits of information relating to the subject under discussion. In no way does this proposed to be an organized effort to sway anyone's views on any issues.

Everyone has their view concerning social Media and Facebook. It is my view that Facebook, when used properly, is one of the greatest communication tools that has come along. The more I use it the more I reap benefits from doing so. I do not consider Facebook as a place to air dirty laundry, fight family battles, moan and complain about sickness, and etc. Facebook is a place to meet and greet new friends and renew acquaintances with old friends, and stay abreast of current happenings. A place to learn about interesting travels, new and innovative ideas, and technological advances.

Living on an Island that has very limited news access to daily happenings it is wonderful to be able to go to Facebook and see the posts and pictures about what is happening on the Island. When the Atlantic Ocean and the Pamlico Sound are sending flood waters across the Island it because of my Facebook Friends that I can see it.

One last thought before I invite you to view some of my Facebook Posts that I have enjoyed. Facebook is a great friend to people who are lonely or confined due to health issues. Some think Social Media might be helpful to people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It might help those who are in the business of making life more meaningful for our senior citizens to look into creating a program to equip lonely people with access to social media, and teaching -them how to use it. Why not?

Note: Each post has an opening subject statement with a brief description of that subject and accompanied with pictures. After that you will see comments as posted by others that relate to the subject. On some of the posts their will be a postscript that will give additional information regarding the subject.

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Early Morning Island Smells published on: June 2, 2018

What Smells Bring you Happiness? ... Are you a creature of habit? I am. I rise early each morning and walk towards the smell of coffee brewing in my coffee pot. Before I pour that first cup I open the sliding door and sniff the wonderful morning smells of Hatteras Island. The Islands natural salty air along with the aroma of plants brighten my day. Many of those smell from flowers and plants bring back memories of friends who gave them to me. Plants such as ones Vickie Merry, Bill Rapant, and Mary Sutton Schumann gave me saturate the air and soothe my mind. You might want to take time to read a story I wrote years ago entitled, "Remembering The Many Smells That Made The Island Special.Click Here to read

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