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Shell Families
Pleurotomaridae Family
Shell Families

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  19. Pleurotomariidae Family
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Pleurotomariidae Family
  Pleurotomariidae Family
Slit Shell
Fossil Shell

The thing I have found about this shell is, that even though it is one of the rarest shells I have in my shell shack, the average person gives it very little attention. Many people who are not knowledgeable about shells look at it and think it is broken because of the slit in it. The slit is probably the most identifiable mark of the shell other than it resembles an old fashion spinning top. The slit in is used by the animal as a means of respiration and excretion of waste products. Another interesting feature of the slit is that its length and width serves as a dividing line between the family members of the sixteen known species. Those in the genus Perotrochus have a shorter slit. In many shell shops the members of the Pleutomariiidae family sell anywhere from a hundred to a thousand dollars. Part of the reason for the rarity of the shell is that it is fragile and is found in deep tropical and subtropical waters beyond the continental shelf. Collectors of shells feel honored to have a Slit shell in their collection regardless of its condition.

The slit shell animal feeds on sponges, sea lilies, and coral polyps. The slit shell animal is a food source for fish and crabs. As with most shells it has a unique defense system peculiar to its own kind. When attacked it has a circular operculum or trap door it can close. It also releases a white fluid to scare away predators such as crabs and fish that consider it a food source.

Pleurotomaria termachii, Kuroda,
1955 - South China Sea

The Pleutomariidae family of shells probably has the longest running history than any other shell. Fossil remains have been discovered dating it back 500 million years to the Cambrian age. It, and many other creatures of the ocean have a history that continued through the great flood that covered the earth during Noah’s time. When Noah loaded the ark it was not necessary to take the creatures of the sea aboard. They were safe in the ocean. Shells not only continued on through the flood but prove that a world wide flood did occur. Fossil remains of shells have been found on the mountain tops throughout the world which is a testimony to the Biblical account of the Great Flood. Those who waste their time trying to disprove the things of the Bible need to understand that people who believe and trust in God do not need proof. They “walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7). In case you have forgotten, faith is “the evidence of things unseen” (Hebrews 11:1). Simply means you don’t have to see it to believe it.

I recall my service days when I worked in the statistical department of a medical research center. I was bombarded day in and day out by my superior, who had umpteen degrees, who attempted to disapprove the Bible. All his efforts to disapprove God’s existence were futile. Each theory he presented was shot down by the simple things of creation. And in the final analysis, like I used to tell him, even if I am wrong in my belief in God the precepts of the Bible are still a good formulas for life. What he needed to consider was what if I am right and he is wrong. Where will he end up? I don’t have to have proof there is a God. All I have to do is look at a shell I find on the beach and I know in my heart there is a God. If I need additional then I can look at sky over the ocean on the South Beach of Hatteras Island and be assured there is a God, for “the heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19). That’s good enough for me.

Prehistoric Pre-flood Sea Shell Fossils
Dated 3 million years old Fossil Shells Authenticate the Bible
How do we account for shell fossils found on mountain tops world-wide?

It is interesting how a little shell fossils found on a mountain can blow holes in the theories that the flood did not occur and God is not real. The study of shell fossils is a science in itself. I thank friends of the Old Gray House who bring me fossilized shells which are a testimony God is, was, and always will be.

Please Note:   At the present time I have two species of the Pleutomariidae Family available in my shell shack.

Pleutomariidae Family

Prehistoric Pre-flood Sea Shell Fossils
Prehistoric Pre-flood Sea Shell Fossils
Larger image

Prehistoric Pre-flood Sea Shell Fossils
Larger image


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