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Mary and Dewey

You Are Never Too Old To Dream
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Meet Dewey and Mary

Mary is a native of Huntington, WV. They met because of Dewey’s father being stationed in Huntington as a Navy Recruiter during World War II. Mary retired from Marshall University and Dewey from the Board of Education. Dewey grew up on Cape Hatteras Island and brought Mary to the Island for the first time in the year of their marriage in 1953. Mary tells about this experience in an article by Art Dervas. Click link to read about her first trip to the ocean. http://www.outerbanksshells.com/visitorsStories.html#sec7

Have you ever dreamed of retirement? Days filled with nothing you must do. That is what Mary and Dewey dreamed about. It is one thing to dream. It is another to make dreams come true. Dewey began to work on making their retirement dream come true five years before retirement.

Dewey shared how he planned his and Mary’s retirement in this article listed in the paragraph above, and why you need to plan yours.

Mary had always dreamed of having a small shop where she, and other crafters, could display their works. A place that had reasonable prices and practical gifts. Dewey's dream was having time to roam the beach and work in the garden. On Valentine's day in 1988 that dream came true. Dewey gave Mary their Gray family home to be used as a craft shop.

For 25 years, they lived their dreams and shared them with all who ventured down the road to their little gift shop called the Old Gray House located in Buxton, NC. The shop was best described by a visitor who described it as a Quaint Quirky Magical Happy Place. This description was shown in the video produced by Scott Mason, The Tar Heel Traveler, shown on WRAL TV, Raleigh, NC. Click Link to view the video http://www.wral.com/news/local/video/15860266/.

As with all good things there comes a time when you must move on to new adventures. Dewey and Mary have done just that. They sold the property, but not their retirement memories. Therefore, on this site you will find a section called Mystical Memories of the Old Gray House. Even at age 85 they are now in the process of living a new dream and creating new memories.

Whatever your dream is for your future happiness, Mary and Dewey encourage you to begin making it come true. Their experience has been that nothing happens unless you “make it happen”.


Meet Richard K Smoot

Richard is a native of Huntington, WV.

He is a graduate of the Huntington Junior College of Business where he specialized in Computer Information Systems E-Commerce.

One of Richards accomplishments of which he is proud of is that he worked and gave two speeches on Supported Employment in the Rotunda at the West Virginia Capital to help bring attention to the needs of those who are disabled.

Richard is at his happiness when he working on his web-site or roaming the villages and beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Rick Smoot

Rick Smoot

Richard Smoot has served us faithfully as our webmaster since the beginning of the fulfillment of our retirement dream. Throughout the years, he has used his unusual talent in building and designing web-sites to assist us. Of all the people, we have ever met Richard has probably has the greatest genuine love for the ocean and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. His home reflects this love. One of the fun things Richard looked forward to at the start was for every 1 million hits on the site we bought him a steak dinner.

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