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My consignment crafters are carefully chosen to provide quality gifts you will be glad to give. Many of their works are one of a kind creations. They come not only from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but from many different areas and walks of life. The joy of the Old Gray House has been to watch our crafters perfect their God given talents. A true Gray House crafter receives their compensation from crafting, and knowing their efforts have brought you enjoyment.

Below is a partial list of our crafters. We will be adding more pictures of crafters as we go. Many whose efforts go into making Gray House crafts will never be pictured, for as a true crafter will tell you the entire family, especially the spouses, are involved in producing a single item.

Penny is known for a variety of handmade items such as her Hatteras Humor pieces. Our guests are often heard laughing at her spousal remotes and damn-it dolls. Her latest contribution has been fun fur flip-flops and scarf's. Penny and Mary collaborate on craft items such as hand quilted aprons. Quilting is Penny's middle name. She retired as Supervisor of Mail Services from Marshall University. Penny is seen here making Hard Rock Candy.


Patty is a missionary with Hasten International Medical Missions who keeps herself busy making placemats for the Old Gray House. Patty is the mother of five children, sixteen grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. Can you imagine cooking Thanksgiving dinner and providing Christmas presents for such a crew. Patty's Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls are well received by Gray House shoppers.


Charlotte Quilting is Charlotte’s claim to fame. When one walks into her lovely Hatteras Island home they are immediately made aware of Charlotte's artistic abilities. Quilted wall hangings, table runners, and beds adorned with fabulous quilts seem to say that here is the home of a happy quilter. When she is not busy at home she devotes her time to the Cape Hatteras Quilt Guild and her church.


Louise performs miracles that bring joy to the hearts of little children with her crochet needles. It is so thrilling to see the little children embrace her animal and cartoon figures. Not only are they fun for the children, but they are collectors items for the parents to hold, and to pass on to their children's children. Louise is an asset in the services she provides to the community and her church.


Nancy keeps many vintage collectibles and household items on our shelves. Nancy and her Hatteras Village father have witnessed the havoc caused by hurricanes. Her parents home has suffered numerous times from severe sea water flooding. Nancy's father, Ralph has provided many plants for the Gray House Garden. Ralph retired from the Hatteras Ocracoke Ferry Service.

Claire and Ray

Claire and Ray have contributed to the Old Gray House, not only as crafters, but by providing many artifacts to display for your enjoyment. Ray's innovative crafting abilities range from hand painted buoys to birdhouses and feeders. His plant pot hangers have been well received. Claire specializes in doll clothes, Christmas decorations, snowmen, and Santa Clauses.


Rosella works with fusible glass. Fusible glass is a process of stacking two or more layers of glass together to make unique designs. Kay stacks the glass and slowly heats it in a kiln to 1500 degrees to form jewelry slides. After she has acquired the desired design she then attaches her creations to jewelry fines to be used on necklaces..

Chris and Hank

Chris and Hank supply us with vintage household landmarks items from the past that are in great demand by Gray House visitors. Hank is a long time islander who has watched the enormous growth occurring on the Outer Banks.


Marilyn is a multi-talented person. She is seen here making Cat's Eye Good Luck Bookmarks. These book marks make great gifts for your friends. When combined with the story from the Old Gray House entitled, The Mystery Of the Cat's Eye Shell, it gives them an insight into the folklore and history of Hatteras Island.


Dee's sea glass and cement stepping stones create lasting gifts. Dee spends hours collecting sea glass from the beach to incorporate into her stepping stones, garden edging liners and window and tree sea glass ornaments. Dee and her husband Larry are dedicated volunteer workers in the community and the Hatteras Anglers Club. Larry spends many hours working as president of the club.


Betty is a minister's wife who raised four boys. She is now retired. In her spare time along with her church work she enjoys crocheting dishrags and scraf's. Any profit she receives goes directly to her son's radio mission.

Photo Not Available

Clara is a retired teacher. Clara over the years has brought us great joy to our visitors with her hand-painted items such as flower pots, bird feeders, and slates with sayings. Clara and her husband Fred keep busy flitting here and there in a motor home, Fred is an avid golfer.


Sharon is a highly skilled crafter who has combined her love for sea shells and angels into a collectors treasure. Each of her creations are one of a kind that captures the imagination of the most ardent collector.

Sharon's latest creation is Support Cancer Angels. Click Here to view her Cancer Angels.


Chris is known for her popular refrigerator towels. Chris also crochets dishrags and many other items throughout the Old Gray House.

Photo Not Available

Judy is an accomplished artist. She hand-paints lovely art work depicting the beauty of the Outer Banks on an assortment of landmarks. Judy's works are one of a kind treasures that bring back happy island vacation memories.

Photo Not Available

Mary makes mermaid dolls, and animal design plastic bag-holders. Talent runs in Marys family. She is the mother of artist Judy and grandmother of Rebeka who makes bead bracelets for little girls.

Photo Not Available

Loren and Kevin are examples of crafters whose crafts have exploded to a full-time business. Loren is a fireman looking forward to the future when he can devote his total energies to his craft. Their crafts consist of bookmarks, mats, and pictures.

Photo Not Available

Carolyn is a quality crafter of many lovely items, including hand towels, pot holders and etc. One item that she is noted for is her casserole carriers. Not only are they colorful but they are a conversation piece at any function you might attend. Carolyn and her husband Dick are very active in their Church. She is the mother of four children and a Grandmother of nine. She has two great-grandchildren. With a family like that can you imagine the many delicious casseroles that have been place in her handmade casserole carriers.


Bonnie is not only a talented crafter and artist but a dedicated shell collector. Her greatest joy is to walk the beaches and collect shells for her crafts and jewelry creations. She is seen here holding her one of a kind chicken creation created from cockle shells.


Marilyn creates many pretty thing you will want to see. When you visit the Old Gray House ask to see her photo weaving, collages, bridge tally sheets, purses, crayolas in the form of stars for those little hands, and many other one of a kind crafts.


Nancy creates one of kind colorful bows to wear as hair ribbons. They have clips on them that makes them great for wearing on your lapel. Another great idea is to use them as a decoration on a gift box. She also makes sturdy key chains that help to solve the problem of loosing your keys. Ask to see her quality crafts when you visit the Old Gray House.

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