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Chamidae Family

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Chamidae Family

Jewel Box

Chamidae Family Chamidae Family

Look close for one has a ring in it as if
it was being used as a jewel box

The Chamidae Family is a group of very thick bivalves that have the same characteristics as oysters but are much more ornate. They come in a variety of colors and some of them get rather large. The bottom half of the shell is oval-shaped and much larger than the top half. The top half is not only smaller but sits flat like a lid on a container. When you place the lid, or top, onto the bottom half and lock them together it is hard to see where they are joined due to the many flairs on the shell.

As I am writing this I have one sitting here that is pure white with a touch of pink on top. I guess I can best describe the look by saying it resembles a deep, white, pile shag rug. As I lift the lid and look inside at the pure white interior it is easy to see how it acquired the nickname of Jewel Box. I can picture it, in times past, being used by someone to hold articles of jewelry. It would make a unique gift even today to place a piece of jewelry inside, and give to someone you love.

Chamidae Family

Chasmas Lazarus, Linnaeus 1758
Chasmas Lazarus, Linnaeus 1758
"Jewel Box"

Larger image


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